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Positioning system

Positioning system

With its modular design, TagetedFUS can be fitted with two different tabletop positioning system optimized for different anatomies.

These positioning systems complement the two transducers designs in order to provide the best system for each intended use.

Uterine fibroma Breast
Transducer positioning system optimized for uterine fibroma applications MR compatible transducer positioning system optimized for breast applications
  • five degrees of freedom : X, Y, Z translation and tilt around X and Y axis
  • reduced height to leave room in the MR tunnel for heavy patients
  • the transducer position restrict ultrasound propagation to the horizontal plane
  • five degrees of freedom : X, Y, Z translation, rotation around the breast and tilt upward or downward (<25)
  • there are no vital organs in the ultrasound propagation path for intrinsic patient safety
Both positioning systems are of course totally MR compatible