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MR guided FUS: focused ultrasound based ablation device guided by MR temperature images Image Guided Therapy (IGT) is a medical device company. Its main activity is to design, build and commercialize innovative tumor treatment devices. IGT develops patient friendly, non invasive, image guided ablation devices based on focused ultrasound (FUS or HIFU).

The company was founded in 2001, to develop into products, research works done at the university of Bordeaux in the field of MR guided, minimally invasive cancer treatments. IGT has been involved with two main developments : MR guidance for RF ablation procedures and MR guided focused ultrasound ablation devices (MRgFUS).

IGT is located in Pessac (Bordeaux, France).


Image Guided Therapy has grown through the dedication and hard work of a team of highly skilled professionals. They are mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, computer scientists and science PhD's, all focused on providing the clinicians with the safest, most efficient and reliable, MR guided focused ultrasound devices.


In the course of its development, Image Guided Therapy has collaborated with renowned institutions, among which :

  • CNRS. The French fundamental research organization
  • Université Bordeaux 2
  • Institut Bergonié. A renowned medical center specialized in cancer treatment
  • Hôpital Universitaire de Genève (HUG), Switzerland
  • INSERM. The French organization of health research
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA


Image Guided Therapy SA has been supported by :

  • ANRT
  • Incubateur Régional d'Aquitaine
  • Ministry of Research (France)
  • OSEO

Images showed on this site are courtesies of:

  • Dr. Palussière, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux
  • Pr. Trillaud, University Hospital, Bordeaux
  • Pr. Seror, APHP, Paris
  • Dr. Salomir, Inserm, Lyon
  • Pr. Parker, Utah, USA