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Thermal ablation procedures
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Thermal ablation procedures


Targeting, is the step where based on the target definition and treatment constrains, the ablation device is positioned and the treatment protocol is established. This step is critical. In the case of applicator based ablation like RF ablation, the needle must be  perfectly inserted in the tumor to ensure proper destruction of the target. 

Targeting of a thermal ablation procedure with US, CT and MRI
Targeting with US, CT and MRI

In the case of focused ultrasounds, the transducer must be positionned outside the patient body at a position which enable adequate ultrasounds propagation to the target. To verify the correct positionning of the transducer, a low power test shot (non destructive but measurable) is performed and the focal spot position is verified before any treatment begins. MR temperature imaging is currently the only way to measure the position of this test shot which is essential to the patient safety and the treatment efficacy.

Test shot detection with MR temperature image to ensure adequate targeting of the focused ultrasound beam
Test shot with focused ultrasounds