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Thermal ablation procedures
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Thermal ablation procedures

MInimally invasive, radio frequency or RF ablation of a liver tumor Thermal ablation procedures usually proceed in four distinct steps: planning, targeting, heating and validation.


Introduction : image guidance 

Image guidance is essential at every step of the procedure. The imaging modalities used when performing an ablation are US (Ultrasonography) , CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). To illustrate each step of the procedure images of the three modalities will be used (the images shown are courtesy of Dr Seror, AP-HP Bondy, France).


Planing: is the step where based on diagnostic images showing the tumor the target volume is defined, usually enclosing tumor volume plus margin. The treatment constrains are defined (proximity of large vessels, sensitive or essential tissues that need to be preserved close to the tumor,...)

planning of a thermal ablation procedure with US, CT and MRI
Planning with US, CT and MRI (left to right)