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Volumetric ablation

Volumetric ablation is a method to raise the entire tumor volume above a lethal temperature threshold.

point by point abaltion method with focused ultrasound The currently used method to ablate a tumor is by a point by point approach. The target volume is destroyed sequentially in several shots. Each individual shot consist of a «move focal spot - shoot - wait for cooling» sequence and produce a cigar shaped lesion. The complete targeted volume is destroyed by overlapping small individual lesions. point by point approach with sequentially overlapping points
Volumetric ablation with continuous heating through the complete focal spot trajectory On the contrary, during volumetric ablation, the focal spot is continuously displaced while heating in such a way the the entire tumor volume temperature is raised above the lethal threshold. Volumetric ablation efficiency with higher duty cycle and faster ablation
Point by Point Volumetric ablation
Long procedure (> 1hour) Rapid tumor destruction (<30mins)
overlapping points is extremely motion sensitive Reliable even on moving organs
Potential for residual islands of living cancerous tissues homogeneous ablation with no gaps