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Custom developments

Image Our team uses our rich know-how in focused ultrasound and MR compatibility issues to deliver efficient solutions to innovative customers.


The company has acquired expertise in four main areas:

Image Focused ultrasound and particularly phased array designs. IGT designs MR compatible transducers optimized for a large range of electronic steering of the focal spot. Our transducers are build by Imasonic (Besançon, France) with their unique know-how.
Image MR image processing and particularly with real time constrains. We have developped a very modular software which can easily be extended to perform any kind of data handling. This is a very interesting framework to develop new applications requiring real time MR images processing.
Image MR compatible mechanical design like positioning systems. We have designed several transducer positioning system which function without any radio frequency interferences or susceptibility induced artefacts.
Image MR compatible electronics. IGT has acquired from its early development work with MR controlled RF ablation and MR guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) a valuable expertise in the field of active MR compatibility issues where power electronic devices are used in the MR room and in the magnet and do not interfere with MR imaging.